Innovative technologies for the Latin American market


We proudly represent premium leading manufacturing companies from around the world.


This is what distinguishes us.
Who we are

After more than 20 years in the industry, the founder of Icon technologies decided to launch a new industrial products and services agency, that focused on providing the most innovative technologies for the Latin American market.

Icon Technologies distinguishes itself by providing only the latest and most advance technological products. More importantly, Icon provides these products in the most efficient and punctual way.

Our sales staff offers professional advice, experience, and timely follow-up services which affords our customers with the appropriate products for their various needs.

As our motto states, Icon Technologies is where technology meets progress.

Vision and Mission

Icon seeks to be the preferred option when it comes to supply the most advanced technological industrial products. Our goal is to contribute with delivering the best product to better those industrial processes. Icon Technologies is proud to only provide the best most advanced solutions for our clients.


Expanding Possibilities


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